Dental Extraction Port Coquitlam

Why Do You Need Dental Extraction?

Dentists often try their best to maintain your natural smile, but under certain circumstances, an extraction might be necessary.

  • If there’s decay or damage to your tooth that is unrepairable through other procedures
  • If you have periodontal diseases, it would be best to remove any loose tooth
  • For other orthodontic reasons such as creating more room for proper alignment of the teeth
  • If you have impacted teeth that are unable to break through the gum-line

The Extraction Procedure

  • The first step is to numb the surrounding areas of the extraction site. Local anesthesia is used for the same and the procedure starts only after it has taken effect
  • If it’s an impacted tooth that’s being extracted, the dentist will remove the gum tissue and bone to expose the tooth. With a forceps, the tooth is then loosened using a gentle back and forth motion
  • Usually, the tooth will be removed in one piece, but if it’s a hard-to-remove tooth, it’ll be removed in pieces
  • After the extraction, a gauze pad is kept in the socket to stop the bleeding. Sometimes the dentist may also stitch the extraction site to help the closing of the gum edges

What are the Risks Involved in Tooth Extraction?

Like most surgeries, tooth extraction leaves the body prone to infections, even though it’s the most common oral surgery performed. It’s better, to be honest with your dentist and provide them with your entire medical history and any medication and supplements. This will help the dentist in developing a pre and post dental plan to fit your needs.

Depending on your situation, the dentist may also recommend a tooth replacement using dentures, implants, or a bridge. Give PoCo Dental Group a call to learn more about tooth replacement after extraction.