Invisalign Treatment Port Coquitlam

Braces are inevitable for some of us. But the main disadvantage of braces is how they affect your appearance, especially if you are an adult. Invisalign is the next best solution to braces.

If you want to avoid attention to your mouth while still in treatment, Invisalign is your solution. It is invisible, comfortable to wear, and are removable so that you can eat, drink, brush and floss as usual.

How Does an Invisalign Work?

These removable aligners are custom made for your mouth using advanced computer imaging techniques. The aligners help in slowly reshaping your teeth and their alignment with your mouth. You are advised to change the set every two weeks till your dentist prescribes a final position.

Usually, Invisalign takes a year of proper wear to arrive at the desired results, but it may vary from situation to situation. You will need to visit the dentist on a frequent basis to record the progress and make necessary changes to the aligners. The number of aligners used in total may vary from 18 to 30.