Pediatric Dentistry Port Coquitlam

At PoCo Dental Group, we provide Pediatric dentistry and welcome new families with children, and treat patients of all ages. It is essential that the patients feel comfortable during any dental treatment, especially kids. PoCo Dental Group is pleased to offer Pediatric dentistry services tailored specifically to children and their unique needs, from birth to adolescence. We guarantee to make the dental visit as comfortable and enjoyable to your child, as possible.

What Does Pediatric Dentistry Entail?

Children’s teeth, which are the primary teeth, are smaller and have thinner enamel and roots than adults. These thin roots allow a smooth transition during the shedding of baby teeth and the eruption of adult teeth. In situations of early teeth loss, due to infection or injury, a space maintainer may be needed to prevent the other teeth from tipping into space and creating crowding later on. Primary teeth are more prone to cavities and the infections can become painful. It’s important to fix these cavities as these can become deep and cause infection if not treated quickly due to their thin enamel and large nerves. Early Childhood Caries due to bedtime bottle feeding is very common and should be dealt with early. At PoCo Dental Group, we deal with such issues seriously. Our dentist will monitor your child’s growing teeth and ensure that permanent teeth are coming in correctly. We will also recommend and perform orthodontic treatments if required. Brushing and flossing instructions, baby tooth root canals, baby tooth removal, cleaning, and fluoride treatments are also all performed at PoCo Dental Group.

Preventive Care for Your Child’s Future Smile

At PoCo Dental Group, we aim to focus on the prevention of oral disease. From thorough dental exams and cleanings to oral hygiene tips and treatments, we offer all the services to maintain strong, healthy teeth. Just like adults, kids also should have frequent dental visits. This is important to maintain the process of getting their adult teeth and in a stage of mixed dentition between adult and primary teeth. Regular visits will help us to assess the permanent teeth development. We like to treat the dental issues early, to minimize any further complications or painful procedures in the future.