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Safe and painless wisdom tooth extraction

Yes, getting your wisdom tooth extracted might seem daunting, but it is not what many make it out to be. If you do not remove your wisdom teeth, it can create a lot of problems in the future, resulting in pain, infection, and other dental issues. Our qualified dentists at PoCo Dental will make sure that the pain, pressure, and other ailments will be looked after expertly by our professional team.


A relatively standard dental procedure :

Extracting your wisdom tooth is a standard dental procedure involving removing at least one or more wisdom teeth from the patient’s mouth.

They are a set of teeth that are permanently located at the top and bottom corners of one’s mouth. When a wisdom tooth or teeth gets severely impacted, it can cause a lot of discomfort by not having room to grow.

Below-mentioned is reasons why you need to get your wisdom teeth extracted:

They erupt between the ages of 17 to 25. Usually, they do not cause any problems, but in some instances, they can cause an impact when they do not have enough room to grow normally into the mouth.

They erupt partially at times and can grow at an angle towards the back of the mouth or even to the other teeth.

The impacted teeth may cause a lot of pain and discomfort because the tooth grows towards the other teeth or is partially erupted.

The teeth impacted can be prone to gum disease.

Due to the impacted nature of the wisdom tooth, it may have tooth decay, making it hard and painful to brush and floss.

If the wisdom tooth is growing towards the bone or other teeth, it can cause significant damage and pain.

Because of the eruption of the wisdom teeth, at times, it can cause cysts that can lead to an infection.

Put a stop to future dental issues caused by impacted wisdom teeth

Another important reason why dentists recommend the extraction of wisdom teeth is to ensure there are no severe dental problems in the future, even if you follow a dental routine religiously. Even if wisdom teeth are free from symptoms such as tooth decay and pain, they may possess decay and disease-causing bacteria hidden from the naked eye. This is true in cases where the tooth cannot be adequately cleaned because it is severely impacted. For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to speak to our team today.


General tips patients should follow during their recovery:

Our dentists will advise and inform you of every information and detail about the procedure. Still, there are some tips for patients should follow during their recovery process who have just got their wisdom extracted: 

It would help if you abstained from smoking or drinking alcohol.

Gently rinse your mouth.

Avoid using a straw for drinking.

Do not blow your nose.

Avoid eating hard, crunchy or foods that are sticky. Stick to food items that are soft like applesauce, broth, yogurt etc.

Quality dental care that fits your busy schedule and budget

Dentists recommend getting your wisdom tooth extracted sooner rather than later due to the simple fact that the older you get, it gets even more challenging to have the surgery. Also, the recovery period for younger adults is much quicker than for older adults.

Maple Ridge area and are looking to get your tooth extracted, visit PoCo Dental today. To find out more information or for further enquiries, give our professional and friendly team a call today at (604) 941-0244

Additionally, if you are looking to schedule an initial wisdom tooth extraction consultation with our professional and highly qualified dentists, give us a ring. We will be more than happy to answer any queries that you may have.

When you visit our clinic for a consultation, we will search for any signs of bone or gum loss that could help us identify if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure.